We use social listening to understand the cryptocurrency market.

Millions of consumers discuss cryptocurrencies on social media every day. Let us help you unlock insights from social for investment research.

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About Social Crypto
How can an investor keep up with ever-changing consumer preferences and disruption in the cryptocurrency landscape?
24/7 Tracking

We collect data everyday to understand what's going on in the Crypto Market.

Social Understanding

Conversation could be difficult to understand. We use a high-end NLP engine to provide the best service.

+300 Cryptos

Right now, we track more than 300 cryptocurrencies. If something big is happening, we will find it first.

We are delivering quality insights for you

Free for ever

That's it. You'll always have the opportunity to use our free service. Quality data, without spend a dime.

Track what you want

Premium users will be able to track more cryptocurrencies and be updated with the opinion of multiple influencers.

What's Hot

Understand the interests of the users. What crypto is the hottest, who is talking about them, and more.

One Dashboard

One dashboard to rule them all. You have the information just in one place. Easy to use and understand.

Now you can understand about cryptos on a proper way.


Talk Volume

If people is talking about some cryptocurrency, you should pay attention.


Listen the Influencers

Their opinions shape the crypto market. Be the first to listen what they are saying.

Our service will be ready soon

SocialCrypto.live - Understand what's hot on Twitter about cryptocurrencies.